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When buying a property it is a good idea to have a survey conducted. A good survey of the property you wish to buy may uncover any problems with the structure or other repairs and or alterations that may be needed saving you time and money. There are different types of survey providing different levels of information and advice.

  • Valuation
  • Homebuyer survey and valuation
  • Building Survey

Mortgage Valuation Survey

A valuation is a survey carried out on behalf of the lender to confirm the property is worth the price paid. The valuation survey usually will not go into as much detail as the Homebuyer survey or buildings survey which you might wish to have independently.

RICs Homebuyer's Survey and Valuation

The RICs Homebuyer's Survey and Valuation can provide more detail on potential problems and will advise the buyer on how the property should be maintained.

Building Survey

The Building Survey is the most comprehensive survey available from Chartered Surveyors. This type of survey is usually necessary for larger or older property and listed buildings.

Any survey may also lead to recommendations for further review by specialists. We recommend getting the best survey report your budget allows, as it could save you from costly repairs later.

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