Is it worth getting my garden landscaped as I am thinking of selling?

Is It Worth Getting My Garden Landscaped as I Am Thinking of Selling?

April 12, 2017 6:00 am Published by

This is a question members of our team here at 121Move are often asked – even when we’re off-duty! The answer can be either “yes” or “no”, so it’s important to discuss why this is. Landscaping, on its own, does not tend to greatly increase the actual selling price of a property – that’s the “no” part. On the positive side, however, it does tend to help properties both to sell more quickly and achieve the asking price. Therefore, there is a choice to be made.

If you have decided to go ahead with garden improvements, it’s then key to consider the extent to which you are going to authorize work. A complete makeover will be expensive, and may not be as productive as you would wish. This is because people who are buying your home may well want to make further changes when they acquire your property.

Therefore, a sensible compromise is often to have some work undertaken (or to do it yourself) to make your garden acceptable and attractive to potential buyers, and also to show your home off to best effect. To achieve this, here are just five key tips and areas that landscaping professionals have suggested:

1) If time allows, consider the season when your property is going to be placed on the market. Then, any work should involve making your garden look as attractive as possible at that time of year. Some scented plants or herbs can add another positive point.

2) Consider the potential purchasers and their needs. If it’s likely that an older couple may be your most likely buyers, then the addition of some gentle rising paths or even ramps could take the place of awkward to navigate steps. If it’s likely to be a family home, then some child-friendly features – say just a football goal or small slide, might be a worthwhile expense, especially if you offer to leave them for the potential new owners whose kids are already sliding!

3) Making a few simple shape changes, adding drama with an archway, for example, or having clearly identified areas, can allow a narrow or smallish garden seem larger and more inviting to the eye.

4) Prospective buyers are often likely to look at your lawn and your driveway as a good indication of the state of repair of the whole property! So, these are two areas where renovation or renewal work can be of real value.

5) Any sheds or garages may also need a spruce up, and your conservatory should be attractive, in terms of some healthy, striking plants, and practical.

So is it worth getting my garden landscaped? By using these tips can give you the chance to take a careful look at your garden area, assess what might be done, and how this can be best achieved. From this, you can then consider the budget needed. After that, the choice of how much to do yourself, or whether to call in outside landscaping professionals, can be a value judgement.

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